About Us

ARYAN School of sanskar was founded in Gwalior in the year 2012. It is managed by the Smt Gunmala Shanti Foundation Trust, registered in Madhya Pradesh under the MP Society registration act, 1973. It’s a co-educational organization.

The school conduct strong academic curriculum throughout the year along with various National, State level competitions, seminars, conferences and enrich the education platform all over the India.

Our culture

Our culture and best practices revolve around kindness, love, and care through which we foster confidence and positivity. Children who come to us for education are given opportunities to excel to the best of their natural abilities, whatever be their field of choice.

Our Vision

We can sum up our vision with the help of an old oriental saying –

“If our vision was of one year, we’d cultivate flowers.
If our vision was of ten years, we’d cultivate trees.
But ours is a vision of eternity…
Thus at Aryan School of Sanskar, we strive to cultivate people.”

Our Mission

At Aryan School of Sanskar, we collectively endeavor to shape our students into remarkable individuals of tomorrow with the help of our three-fold mission.

  • We dedicate ourselves to offer quality education to our pupils in order to instil a passion for lifelong learning in them. Ensuring they seamlessly blend into our ever-changing society.
  • Ensure holistic development via an engaging and positive learning environment that nurtures each child’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional development. Encouraging them to reach their true potential and enable their overall development.
  • And lastly, promote community transformation by empowering our pupils to contribute positively within and beyond the walls of the school.


We facilitate a safe, friendly and constructive school climate for our stakeholders, where they can be themselves and openly express their opinions, where they feel secure and learn to live virtuously. We believe that every child is unique and that children learn better when they are in a happy state of mind. Our learning engagements are designed to focus on developing skills that are required to become confident, lifelong learners to face the future.

Integration of academic knowledge and skills across different scholastic and co-scholastic disciplines makes sure every learning leads to meaningful action.